1st day

My name is SR-2273. I am 35 years old. Today, I got a diary. Mr. Genozwitz said that a diary is a good way to remember what I feel like so I can share it with others. I hope he is right. I think that he is because he gave one to the rest of the class too. I will tell you what my room looks like. It has four very nice and white walls, one very nice white ceiling, and one very nice white floor. I have a bed. It has a White pillow, a white frame, and a white set of sheets. Every day when I come back from working or from class there are new white sheets and a new white pillow. My favorite color is white. I thank the Sky Man every night for my new bed things. Also I have a box! Everyone gets a box when they get their own rooms. It has all kinds of stuff on it, like buttons for music, and pictures. It also has speakers that tell me when it’s time for me to go school, or go to bed. I love my box. That is what is in my room, besides me and my diary. I like my room. Sometimes when you are bad and make Mr. Genozwitz angry you get moved to another room with a window, which means you can see outside, which is scary.

2nd day

Today in class Mr. Genozwitz looked at our diaries. He said he will only do that sometimes. He said I was doing a very good job writing neatly and that my spelling is a lot better. We read more about the Sky Man from the Good Book today. A long time ago people used to read the Good Book to learn about what the Sky Man wanted. One day, a very smart man said that all we need is in the Good Book. It tells us about how listening is a good skill, and that people who don’t listen go to a bad place. I think that this place might be the outside, but I don’t know for sure. Mr. Genozwitz is a prophet for the Sky Man, which means he can see the Sky Man and tell us what he says. Sometimes he talks to the Sky Man, and the Sky Man tells him what to do for class. I got to sit by ST-4634 today. She is nice, and I like her. She lives across the hall. When I came home from school, My Box let me stay up to write in my diary! I love my box.

5th  day

Today I got to do community help. Community help is when you go in a big room with lots of other people. Some people wear red shirts. We go to them and they tell us something to do to help make the Sky Man happy.  Today I had to go into a tunnel under our building. The tunnels go all around the Earth, and help move lots of things like water and air. Some parts of the tunnel are really old; Mr. Genozwitz says they are even older than him! I hope that I don’t have to go down there again soon, because it is scary. Mr. Genozwitz says that the Good Book says that The Box is a direct link from the Sky Man and is like a microphone that He made so we can talk to him whenever we want. I will ask him to make the tunnels less scary. I love my box.

6th day

Today in class, I was sitting next to ST-4634. When Mr.Genowitz wasn’t looking, she gave me a piece of paper. When I got home I opened it and it told me to come across the hall after class. I told my box I would be right back. I went over to ST-4634’s room and she said “hello”. This was the first time I had ever talked to her. She is very nice and her favorite color is white. We sat at her table and had a dinner of rations. After we had dinner her box beeped telling us it was bed time. We got up and she did something really weird. She had a funny look on her face. She said that they were going to make me go soon, so I had to go back to my room. Then she got really close and put her arms around me. I’m at home now, and I am very tired. My box is playing me relaxing sounds. Mr.Genowitz says they are sounds made by an animal from before the war called a whale. I’ve never seen one, but they must have been the best singers in the ocean.

8th day

Today was community help day again. I got to go to the food room. The food room is a great big room with lots and lots of lights on the ceiling. It’s hard to see the other end of the room. There are lots of green things called plants. Mr. Genowitz says that people use the plants to make the rations. I haven’t done that job yet. It’s really hot in there, like the air is sticky.

I had to take things off of the plants. Mr. Genowitz said it was called corn. I was really tired when I got back to my room, and I feel right asleep.

13th day

Today I had another dinner with ST-4634. She had some sticky brown water she said a friend from far away had given her. I asked her how she had friends from far away, but she just looked at me in a sad way and didn’t say anything. She said that it was called “Rootbeer”, and that it was made before the war happened. I wish that we still made Rootbeer.

When I went to leave, she did something else weird. She said “I love you” and gave me a paper with the number 7 on it. Then she put her mouth on my head. When I went to bed my box was really quiet.

14th day

Today SR-4634 wasn’t in class. No one seemed to notice, and when I asked Mr. Genowitz where she was, he said he didn’t know who I was talking about. I knocked on her door when I got home, but a different girl answered. She had never heard of Rootbeer or ST-4634, but her favorite color is white, and she likes her box. I’m scared.

17th day

Today at community help I had to go back into the tunnels again. I was alone, and I had to go investigate something blocking one of the air hatches. It was in the oldest part of the tunnels. A lot of the lights were out and I had to use a flashlight. I was afraid that the monsters from outside found a way in and blocked open a way for more to come in and get us.

I finally got to the hatch. It took me an hour of walking; I must have been in a whole other part of the complex! I bet there were so many rooms above me, full of other people whose family’s survived the war. Mr. Genowitz told me that everyone is born in “the birth chamber” which is a big room somewhere far away from where my room is. Those babies should be happy that they don’t have to go outside with the dark and the monsters.

The hatch had a big faded 7 on it. At first I thought that there wasn’t anything wrong with it. But then when I got closer, I saw a little brown thing in there. I wedged it out, and the hatch sealed. It was brown book, and the binding was all cracked and flakey, like it was really old.

When I got back to the meeting area, I lied to my supervisor when she asked what I had found. I told her it was just some dirt, like it usually is. When I got home I was too tired to read the book, and it had lots of big words in it.

28th day

I’ve finally finished the book I found under hatch 7 in the airway tunnels. It was hard believe, and I’m not sure how I’ve evaded capture. I’ll leave my diary alongside the book. A lot of the pages are torn and unreadable. I’ll be escaping through hatch 7 to find other people. Good luck. I hate my box.

Part 1: History

In 1976, war broke out. It started as a relatively small war between our country and a neighboring one. Things started to go bad on our end. We were running low on food, and our enemy was winning on all our fronts. In 1983, a new leader emerged. We no longer know his real name, but this man is now known as the “Sky Man”. He was a man from Delaware, back in the States. From what we know he was born there, and came up with his plan years before he came to our country. He was waiting for the opportunity. He was the scientist that came up with the design for the complex. From the airway tunnels, down to how the people would be managed. When he moved to our country, he quickly became a popular political leader, and he promised everyone salvation from our enemies.

The initial structure was made only of one section of rooms, one harvest room, and one birth lab. Over the years the colony was expanded, the construction sites were hidden from the people using false walls that were soundproofed.

Part 2: The People

After 4 years underground, people began to forget about the world outside. They were put into classes, and started being taught a twisted version of history. “The Good Book” was written around the 5th year of the complex’s history. They turned the Sky Man into a godlike being who watched over the populace and saved them from the apocalyptic nightmare war. He built fake video screens on “windows” to simulate a dark and horrifying landscape, completed with monsters that by today’s standards can be found in any movie theatre. The people believe all this completely, and anyone with any memory of before was taken away and exiled. Later on, the boxes were introduced. They serve many functions, such as playing music, or sending announcements, but their primary function is surveillance. Eventually they found a way to make these boxes seem like friendly tools for the residents.

This is most likely due to the teachers. These people are some of the Sky Mans oldest advisors. He handpicked renowned psychologists to come with him, and help him spread his will on the childlike people.

Part 3: The Resistance

Our founder was the first person who saw through the lies of the Sky Man. His name was HA-14, but when he reached the surface he took the name Harold. He found a leaf in the intake valve on number 7, the Good Book says all the trees died during the war. He then managed to get ahold of a teacher’s key, and found the Sky Mans office. The Sky Man is being kept alive through mostly cryogenic freezing and life support machines. While he failed to deactivate his machines, he managed to escape the facility through the original entrance. Later, he infiltrated the facility and brought several people out with him. We’ve been slowly infiltrating and bringing people out. It’s gotten harder, and we’ve lost a lot of good people. We hope to eventually free the people in the complex.

If you find a copy of this book, don’t let them get ahold of it. Do whatever you can to hide it. Show it to no one, even other residents that you trust. We will collect you when you reach the surface. Good luck, and remember, don’t trust  your box.




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